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E.L. Band thanks Nebo Music Fest audience

Oct 06, 2015 08:00AM

The Nebo Music Fest was an amazing experience. The people we met were electrifying. We get super-charged when we have a group like we did in Payson.  These are the kind of people that make us love what we do. We love making music that is original, and when we can share it with people that love it too, it is absolutely amazing. Whether you were the one asking to see our drummer with his shirt off or the one cheering for an encore from our band, you know how to have a good time at the Nebo Music Fest. Thank you for your support.

This festival has great potential and we look forward to its future success. It could be the great food or great atmosphere or just the great people sharing what they love to do that made it so enjoyable. Everyone needs to keep an eye out for this festival next year and mark it on the calendar.

As for us here at E.L.84 Band, we keep our Facebook page updated with current events at Feel free to like the band so we can keep you updated about our next show. Also, as many have asked, we need to get some recordings so we can make CD’s to hand out at shows. Any support in this area will be gladly accepted and put to good use. We cannot wait to step past this hurdle. Feel free to contact us on Facebook or through email at [email protected]

Thank you so much for this opportunity. We look forward to seeing everyone at future events. Keep on rockin’ Payson at the Nebo Music Fest. Shake the earth, shake your souls, let’s keep it alive and together we can achieve anything. We love you Nebo Music Fest and everyone that helped put it together.

To everyone that was there, you sure know how to make us feel good.

E.L.84 Band