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Nebo foundation awards classroom grants

Nov 03, 2015 08:17AM

By Lana Hiskey

The Nebo Education Foundation functions through generous donations made by individuals and businesses. The foundation helps enrich students’ education in Nebo School District. Through the fundraising efforts of the Nebo Education Foundation board, grants are funded for teachers in the district. The foundation also accepts donations from individuals and businesses to support projects.

“That’s what the foundation is all about – to give our students the best educational opportunities possible through classroom grants,” said Lana Hiskey, executive director of the foundation.

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to inspire the minds of students:

Oakridge School, Springville

Kathleen Ellinger, teacher

Ellinger said, “We are so grateful to the Nebo Education Foundation for funding our grant for the full-body slings to be used with our ceiling lift system. My students are all in wheelchairs and dependent on others for their needs. The slings and lift system enable us to move our students more easily and safely around the classroom, from wheelchairs to standing frames to the floor where we work on physical therapy goals. Thank you!”

Spring Lake Elementary School, Payson

Douglas Lai, third-grade teacher

Lai said, “The grant will be used with matching funds from NEA and to get an iPad for the classroom. It means so much to my class because they can have the tools they need in their hands to be successful in life. The students can use it for reading, timetable facts, and explaining their thinking in math. They can bring a story to life using their voice. The iPads will be a huge asset as we try out Genius Hour and allow the students to learn something they want to. It also means that I have the freedom to walk around the classroom and project things from the iPad, allowing me to stay more connected to my students. We are so grateful for the donation that was given to us, and truly appreciate your generosity!”

Springville High School, Springville

Olivia Ward, special education teacher

Ward said, “I am so excited about the Kindles for my classroom. I believe they will increase student engagement because the students in my class love technology! I will be using them for reading as well as downloading apps that will help students master their individual goals in other areas. I think the Kindles will work great for academics and even better as positive behavior reinforcement.”