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Especially for Athletes visits MMHS to inspire athletes

Dec 01, 2015 07:05AM

Especially for Athletes (E4A) is a movement specifically designed to inspire athletes and those with whom they associate to maximize their athletic potential and use their talents and social influence to assist and lift others.

E4A is seeking to build a culture of athletes focused on changing lives through better use of the attention and influence they access.

Founder Dustin Smith said, “We all experience different levels of attention during our lives and moments when our actions have greater reach and potential for influence. For athletes, that attention is often times magnified, which brings about an even greater responsibility and opportunity. E4A refers to that extra level of attention as the ‘Sport Light.’”

“The Especially for Athletes program is something we firmly believe in as an athletic department at Maple Mountain High School,” said MMHS Athletic Director Dave Boyack. “The ideas presented by Dustin Smith are things we want every student athlete involved in on a daily basis here. We know that as a group we can make a difference. Our kids are excited to be a part of this. We will keep our eyes up. We will do the work.”

“Especially for Athletes (E4A) is a program that brings athletes of all ages, backgrounds and demographics together with a common goal of using the attention and opportunity sports provide to better the culture of the school experience for all. Through a curriculum that commits athletes toward improved excellence on the field or court, in the classroom and community and in the hallways at school, the E4A members are addressing serious issues like suicide prevention, anti-bullying, cheating, drug abuse, sportsmanship and inclusion of others. Maple Mountain has seen the program take off at their school and others Nebo schools such as Spanish Fork High, Springville High and Springville Junior High have joined in bringing the program to their students. All have reported having experienced an extremely positive response from the kids,” Smith said.