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The past 8 months have been filled with adventures in eating. I hope that you have found some new places to try as well as rediscovered some old favorites. Since it has been 8 months since my last recap, I thought it was probably a good time to do a little review. I have divided my article into Savory Bites and Sweet Delights. So depending on your mood, you can choose what looks good.

Savory Bites:

rCulver's Ribbon Cuttingr

Culver’s did not fail to impress with the wide range of food they offer in addition to the traditional mouth-wateringly delicious hamburgers that they are well known for. My two favorites were the roast beef sandwich and fish sandwich. The roast beef sandwich (no deli meat here) with perfectly seasoned pot roast (better than grandma’s) served with fresh mashed potatoes and gravy. I’ve been disappointed with fish sandwiches before when they give me 3 fish sticks on a bun and call it good. The fish filet at Culver’s was a whole filet of flaky deliciousness. And don’t forget the French fries, root beer, and creamy custard.  If you don’t feel like cooking but feel the need for some good home cooked comfort food, go for this one. Culver’s is located at 943 N 700 E in Spanish Fork. They are open Monday to Thursday, and Sunday from 10:30 am-10:00 pm. Friday and Saturdays from 10:30 to 11:00 pm.


I still can’t get over how delicious the Chicken Tikka Masala was at Stan’s.  You combine the rich creamy tomato sauce with savory spices like coriander, add some chicken, and serve it with steaming jasmine rice. Mmm. This chicken tikka masala had just the right amount of spice and heat. I was also very impressed with the gyros which had tender, delicious meat and some absolutely perfect tzatziki sauce. Don’t forget their burgers and chicken sandwiches as well as a variety of sides like fries, English chips, tator tots, sweet potato fries, and curly fries. And they have some pretty mean shakes like the peanut butter chocolate. Stan’s Drive-In is located at 248 W Center in Salem. They are open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 am-9:30 pm.


Stone Drug is honestly a state treasure. I don’t know where else you can walk in and sit up to the bar on a cherry red barstool and order old-fashioned drinks and sandwiches. The best thing about it is the ladies who work there: Joyce, Lisa, and Charlene. Between the 3 of them, they have 60 years experience working that grill.  The food is simple and classic. You can get a pretty great burger, fries, and a shake.  The shakes are thick and creamy with flavors like raspberry marshmallow and Oreo. Another highlight is the crinkle cut fries with your choice of ketchup, fry sauce, and white sauce for dipping. Stone Drug Grill is located at 159 N. Main Street in Spanish Fork. They pharmacy is open from 9-8 Monday-Friday and 9-6 on Saturdays, but the grill closes early, at 5:30 pm on Monday-Friday and 4:30pm on Saturdays.  The lunch ladies are there Monday-Friday from 9-2 so make sure to go then if you can.

rThe Party Bowl at Mr. Grillr

Mr. Grill is a family-run business with hot, fresh, made-to-order food. The thing that makes them stand out is their sandwiches served on hot scones. You can’t go wrong with a juicy burger or philly cheesesteak on a hot, soft scone. They also have this amazing raspberry spicy sauce that tastes delicious on a grilled chicken sandwich (of course on a scone). Mmm…. And the potatoes are sliced fresh right there and then fried to perfection. They are thin cut and just delicious.  I also loved the Spanish Pork Philly, a spicy version of Philly Cheese Steak made with pork. Don’t forget to stop for some ice cream.  They have virtually unlimited options for flavors. My favorite is still the Raging Cajun. It has Mountain Dew, Fire and Ice (spicy), gummy bears, and marshmallow cream. You have the citrus of the Mountain Dew with the spicy fire and ice and then those gummy bears.  Mr. Grill is located at 788 North 800 East in Spanish Fork. They are open Monday to Thursday from 11 to 9, Friday and Saturday from 11 to 10.


Chick-Fil-A is my kind of comfort food with fried chicken sandwiches, crispy waffle fries, and fresh hand squeezed lemonade. Some surprise favorites I found include the Cobb Salad with fresh romaine lettuce, roasted corn kernels, crumbled bacon, tomatoes, and crispy bell peppers. Oh! And the avocado lime ranch dressing. Mmm.  The chicken minis are the perfect breakfast with their Hawaiian roll buns and little bites of fried chicken. I could eat the waffle fries all day long. Another favorite is the frosted lemonade which is has a tart, fresh, creamy lemon flavor. Don’t forget their thick shakes. I got the Oreo and it was perfection. Chick-Fil-A is located in Spanish Fork at 825 E. Highway 6.

Sweet Delights:

rEli's Delir

Eli’s is a fun place to go with its old-fashioned soda fountain vibe and location in historic downtown Payson. You can buy practically any kind of treat from ice cream to pastries to pie to brownies. The drinks are what really got me though. They have some pretty amazing old-time soda fountain drink like the lime phosphate (fresh squeezed lime juice, lime sherbet, vanilla ice cream, and Sprite) or as I like to call it citrus paradise. With the weather changing to winter, you can also take advantage of the hot drinks Eli’s offers like hot cocoa or coffee. My personal favorite is the steamers.  They take milk, add your favorite flavor (I had coconut), and steam it until it is frothy and rich. Then they top it off with whip cream. It is like getting a fuzzy warm hug and pairs perfectly with an apple turnover. Ideal treat for after sledding or looking at Christmas lights. Also, they just added gourmet sandwiches to their menu for lunch and dinner. Eli’s is located at 7 S. Main in Payson. They are open Monday to Thursday from 11:00 am-10:00 pm. Friday and Saturday 11:00 am to 11:00 pm.


Sip’N is the ultimate drink spot. You can order any flavor combination you can think of. The real fun is trying all the different flavor to find your own perfect drink. From the Maui Wowie (diet Mountain Dew, coconut, and peach) to the Berry Fresh (Fresca with mixed berries, you can find your perfect flavor. They also have smoothies, shakes, frozen hot chocolate and more. For winter time, they have hot chocolate, coffee, and cappuccinos. AND don’t forget the delicious yummy treats like sugar cookies, brownies, chocolate peanut butter bars, and cinnamon rolls. Everything is bakery shop perfection. The Payson Sip’N is located at 865 Highway 98 and the Spanish Fork location is at 11 E 300 S, Spanish Fork.

rDelicious drinks at Orange Peel in Springviille.r

If you’re feeling like something a little more healthy, head over to Orange Peel for delicious smoothie options and so much more. I got the Skinny Berry which was a classic green smoothie with spinach ,kale, wheatgrass, and apple juice. No vegetable flavor here, just berry yumminess. My daughter fell in love with the Orange Cream dream, which tasted like an orange creamsicle with fresh squeezed orange juice and a bit of banana. My personal favorite though was The Nutella Breakfast, which  has bananas, Nutella, and fresh raspberries. Chocolatey Nutella banana yumminess. Then you can have granola in the bottom or choose to have it mixed in. This was unlike anything that I have ever had before and honestly I loved it. The Orange Peel is located at 1850 West 500 South in Springville, next to the Arby’s and IHOP. The Orange Peel is open Monday to Friday from from 7:30 am to 9 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm.

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