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Nebo School District Surpassed State Graduation Rate

Jan 10, 2016 04:00PM

Nebo School District continues to produce one of the highest graduation rates in the country. Nebo’s graduation rate is 90 percent, significantly higher than the state average of 83 percent. Nebo’s traditional high schools’ graduation rate is as high as 93 percent. “Obviously this is great news for Nebo public schools and even better news for Nebo’s students,” said Nebo School District Superintendent Rick Nielsen. “We attribute this to the sound decision-making and planning from the faculty, staff, administration and school board as well as the students’ thirst for excellence and parents’ expectations for quality education. We engage, empower and collaborate to ensure student success.”

The Utah State Office reported the following: “A total of 36,933 students graduated from Utah’s public high schools in 2015, bringing the total high school graduation rate to 84 percent, an increase of 1 percent over 2014.”

“Year-to-year graduation rates increased for all major demographic subgroups in Utah in 2015 with the exception of students with disabilities, which saw a decline from 67 to 66 percent. Achievement gaps persist, however, as USOE data shows improvement for all students, American Indian, Asian, Black, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, White, Economically disadvantaged, and English language learners.

“It is good to see that, for the most part, the needle is moving in the right direction,” said State Superintendent of Public Instruction Brad C. Smith. “But it is also clear that there is more work to do. We in public education intend to do that work.”

Information about graduation rates for Utah school districts and for individual high schools can be found online.