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Tabitha's Way bringing changes to create sustainable role in feeding hungry

Great BIG wonderful changes are coming to Tabitha’s Way in Spanish Fork! We hope you will bear with us as we make some tough decisions, but great improvements, in the way we meet the needs of our core clients.

After great thought and consideration, Tabitha’s Way is making the bittersweet decision to close the thrift shop portion of its operation. THE FOOD PANTRY WILL REMAIN OPEN. We know this may come as a disappointment for some, so please read about what these changes mean, and your important role in continuing to help the hungry of our community.

First, Tabitha’s Way recognizes that there may be some who are disappointed to see the closure of the thrift store, especially those individuals who have been donors and supporters. But there is still a need for the community and businesses to play an important role in continuing the fight against hunger. We still have a great need for ALL of your donations INCLUDING CLOTHING AND HOUSEHOLD GOODS, so please continue to GIVE generously. It is making a difference, and will continue to do so, in the lives of the hungry clients we serve.

Second, EVERY donated item is recycled to its maximum benefit, from wearable clothing and rags to functional goods and broken toys. This portion of our operation will not change! Every item donated helps feed local families. It is the very core of Tabitha’s Way.

Third, we will need your support as we move forward, but understand you may have questions. No matter what, please stay with us. WE NEED YOU! More information about our sustainable model is available on our website.

Fourth, TABITHA’S WAY WILL STILL PROVIDE EMERGENCY CLOTHING for people needing assistance. Our emergency clothing closet will provide for immediate need situations, such as recovery after a fire or other special needs. We will also provide vouchers to thrift stores in our community, so client needs can be met.

Making Tabitha’s a sustainable, stable resource to provide meals for those in need, is our core  objective. Our current thrift store model pulls resources away from our greater goal. Tabitha’s Way intends to better use our limited resources (like floor space) to provide a more dignified experience for our clients.

Please join us on February 20th from 10am - 3pm as we celebrate the closing of the thrift shop and the beginning of a new chapter for Tabitha’s Way as we prepare to bring our clients and their families more fresh and healthy food options. We will be available to answer any questions you may have.