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Miner’s Diner: Hit the motherlode at Eureka restaurant

So, I fell in love with Eureka. Sad to say I had never heard of Eureka before I went to do this review. I knew that you say “Eureka!” when you find gold or something really exciting. I totally understand why it is named Eureka. I was blown away by this tiny ghost town with its old buildings and mines. Plus, I love that it is so far away from everything else.

It takes about 40 minutes to get to Eureka from Spanish Fork. You head south to Santaquin and then take Highway 6 west. So once you turn off at Santaquin, you head through Goshen and Elberta. Suddenly, Santaquin seems pretty big. You drive up the mountain and around some curves and you come into Eureka. There are abandoned mines off in the distance. As you drive into town, the road is lined with old dilapidated buildings. My favorite is the “topless” bar which is an old building that doesn’t have a roof anymore. Some of the buildings look as if they have been untouched for decades. You can peek in the windows and get a glimpse of life long ago.

Continue down Main Street and you will find Miner’s Diner, home to some of the yummiest comfort food I’ve ever eaten. When you walk in, the first thing you see is old black and white photos of Eureka during its boom. The biggest picture shows 3 miners standing proudly in front of the mine. The building has been remodeled but still maintains its historic feel. If you venture toward the bathroom you can see the old mining quarters that an artist had. There are some huge branches that have been intricately carved. It is pretty amazing. Par, the owner, has worked hard to keep it as original as possible. He has also built on a patio and in the summer they plan to have live music and star gazing parties.

I was mesmerized by the history and the character of this city. But I came to review the food, so I better get to that part. Miner’s Diner specializes in good old fashioned yummy, comfort food. They have delicious Mom’s kitchen breakfasts with huge portions, yummy burgers, and other dinner dishes. Breakfast is served all day and they offer omelets, hotcakes, biscuits and gravy, French toast, and my favorite the HungOver Gold Miner Hash.

Hungover Goldminer Hash

You probably have a pretty good idea what those other dishes are but let me tell you about the Hungover Gold Miner Hash. It was a HUGE bowl that had hashbrowns, diced ham, green peppers, onions, and mushrooms topped off with three eggs, cheese and country gravy. And this was some pretty dang good gravy. The flavors all melded together beautifully and it was complimented by my sourdough toast. I would have gone for the hot cake but I was trying to watch my calories (that was a joke). I think 4 people could have easily split this dish. I loved the combination and that country gravy, mmmm….

The name for the dish was probably pretty accurate too based on the miners. I heard that prohibition didn’t go over too well in that town. When the feds came looking for alcohol, the citizens put all of the good stuff down in a well that was smack dab in the middle of the building (still there today). They didn’t use it for water, just for hiding the booze. Miner’s Diner used to house the phone company (think switchboards and ladies painting their fingernails while asking if you’d like to place a call). The history there is just fascinating.

Back to the food. Nick ordered the border burger, a 1/3 pound of ground sirloin, bacon, cheese, and fire-roasted green chilies. The green chilies really made the burger and gave it a great flavor with a tiny bit of heat. The onion rings were divine with a light crispy bit of breading and whole onions. They know how to do fry sauce too. Not just your typical ketchup and mayonnaise. This stuff has got the flavors covered.  One secret: just a hint of Sriracha .Mmm… They also have chicken sandwiches, fried chicken baskets, salads, and more. Oh, and some scrumptious French onion soup. I am confident you will find something to satisfy your cravings.

Desserts were scrumptious. Cinnamon rolls are my all time favorite treat. They had one that was almost as big as my head and it was the perfect consistency, light and flaky with lots of frosting. Nick had a slice of their chocolate cream pie, delicious and creamy with a light perfect crust. We took home an oversized sugar cookie with pink frosting and a HUGE macaroon. The macaroon was delicious with coconut and walnuts, all drizzled in white and dark chocolate. Divine.  Everything is fresh-baked. Par told me “The food is so fresh; you have to slap it before you eat it.”

So, if you feel like getting out of the big city and finding some open space or if you like the idea of exploring a ghost town or if you just want to eat some delicious food and learn more about about a pretty amazing little town, head on over to Miner’s Diner. It is definitely worth the drive. I was honestly taken aback by what an amazing little town Eureka is and I loved learning about its history. The staff at Miner’s Diner can fill your ear with some great stories. Kayla, the manager makes sure that you’re taken care of. If you’re really lucky, Par, the owner will be there and then you will really get to hear some fun stories. I was honestly delighted with my visit to Miner’s Diner, not just the food but the people working there and the history of the place. I think everyone should go check it out.

Miner’s Diner’s winter hours are Wednesday and Thursday 11-7, Friday 11-8, Saturday 9-9 and Sunday 9-7.  UPDATE: Weather conditions have changed the hours to Friday 9-8, Saturday 9-9, and Sunday 9-8. They have extended hours in the summer when there is more traffic going through Eureka. They are located at 321 West Main Street in Eureka, Utah. If you are going on Highway 6 toward Eureka, you can’t miss it. There is a strip of abandoned buildings and they are the last one on the left.