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Extraordinary students at Sierra Bonita

By Janna Slye

Extraordinary students fill the halls of Sierra Bonita daily however there are a few in particular who are making a huge impact on other students’ lives.  Meet Bryden Knight, Ashton Swenson, and Chase Baird, sixth grade students who are part of the Student Council Service Committee. As part of the service committee, they are responsible for helping out in a classroom. Because of their interest in helping in Miss Peggy’s classroom, these boys have formed remarkable connections in the medically fragile unit.

IMG_0099Bryden, Ashton, and Chase are frequently found helping Miss Peggy’s special needs students. They push their wheelchairs to and from the bus, take them for walks around the school, and help them in specialty classes. In fact, they happily sacrifice their recess, lunch time, and wacky Wednesday to spend time with their new friends. When asked about the highlight of this new found friendship they unanimously agreed that “making them laugh is the best thing ever!”