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Road work planned this summer in two cities

Mar 02, 2016 11:52AM

Traffic through Spanish Fork and Mapleton will be disrupted this summer, but the reward will be new, smoothly paved roads for drivers to enjoy.

UDOT is currently hiring contractors and putting together the schedule for major roadwork in both cities. Spanish Fork’s Main Street between 300 South and the I-15 interchanged is scheduled to be completely redone, with the old asphalt removed and new asphalt laid.

Spanish Fork’s 400 North is also scheduled to be torn up and repaved. This project will include all of 400 North in Spanish Fork and continue up the road east into Mapleton where it becomes 1600 South. In Mapleton, the resurfacing work will continue east on 1600 South to Main Street, where the work will turn north and Main Street from 1600 South to Maple Street will be repaved.

In addition to these major projects, some roads in the Spanish Fork area will receive a new road surface over the top of the existing road. This will happen on US 6 between the I-15 interchange and the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon as well as on Spanish Fork’s Main Street south of 300 South to Arrowhead Trail Road. Also, Highway 77 through Lake Shore will be resurfaced.

“This is part of our regular maintenance program to really extend the life of our roadways,” said Eileen Barron, UDOT communications manager for Region 3. Barron’s region covers a six-county area, including Utah County. “It just so happened that all these routes kind of came together on the same year,” she said.

A firm schedule for the work has not yet been determined, but it will all take place during the 2016 construction season which, depending on the weather, can extend from early spring to late fall.

“The Spanish Fork Main Street work will probably continue through most of the summer, but we’ll know more details as the work actually approaches,” Barron said. To help the public stay informed about the work as the summer progresses, a public information team has been put together by UDOT to act as a consistent source of information for residents and businesses. This team will be sending out weekly emails to the public providing updates about construction and potential traffic delays. To sign up to receive the email, send a message to [email protected] or call 1-855-307-9363.

“I think that will be a great source of information to keep people up to date as to where work is being performed so they can plan ahead for their travel,” Barron said.

UDOT is working with local merchants to make sure access to their businesses is maintained. If residents or businesses have concerns, they can contact UDOT at the email and phone number listed above.

As part of the Spanish Fork Main Street construction project, UDOT will be reconstructing access to the public sidewalks, creating areas that slope from the sidewalk to the street to make them more accessible for those with disabilities.

Barron encouraged the public to utilize the email updates and plan on some minor delays and inconveniences. “We would appreciate the residents’ patience during our construction season,” she said. “We really try to get in, do our work and then get out of there as soon as possible. We want to minimize impacts to the driving public as well as the adjacent property owners.”