Fear sells and anger drives


Fear sells and anger drives. Climate change. Gun control. Immigration. Health care reform. Refugees. Social equality. We are accosted by these topics on a daily basis and the way they are presented is often meant to induce fear or anger. I realize this is an effective means of persuasion, but aren’t we better than this? Isn’t positive persuasion and kindness a better way?


I see a much brighter America than what is often shown to us. Positivity and compromise are much better tools for persuasion. There is no need for the scary Internet clickbait about the government stealing our rights or terrorists hiding amid refugees. State the facts and realize people will read and make informed decisions. Sometimes I try convincing my children to behave better by threatening an early bed time or speaking in raised, angry tones, but most of the time it just causes them to act out with increased negative behavior. Don’t we usually lock up and push back when someone tries to scare us into agreement?


America is great and we can make it greater by not stooping to fear-mongering and driving anger. So, no more petty name-calling and heated, angry ALL CAPS Internet forum debates. There are solutions to current issues, but they do not need to be sold with fear or have people angry to make the change. We will have more agreements and find more solutions to problems we face in our country by persuading through positivity, kindness and compromise.


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Chris Baird
Chris Bairdhttp://www.servedaily.com
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.

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