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Nebo District sets pace for environmental excellence

Mar 03, 2016 06:35PM

Nebo School District continues to set the pace for environmental excellence and was honored again as an Energy Star Partner. All 43 Nebo buildings are Energy Star Certified.

“The administration and all staff members are to be commended for being good stewards of energy cost avoidance and the environment,” said Dr. William S. Spears, chairman and founder of Cenergistic.

“We are gratified that Nebo School District has been recognized for our commitment to good budgetary and environmental stewardship,” said Nebo Superintendent Rick Nielsen. “Our energy program’s success comes from the cooperative efforts of each staff member at each of our facilities. We are pleased with the support from every group — custodial, maintenance and operations, food service, faculty, aides and administrators. It’s gratifying to see the level of cooperation continue to rise throughout our organization. We work diligently through the year to reduce energy waste. Through our continued efforts, our collective success is measured.”

The conservation program examines all areas of energy use throughout Nebo School District. Cenergistic’s conservation experts — in natural gas and electricity, water and sewer, HVAC systems, Energy Management Systems and mechanical systems, behavior modification, communications, grounds care, data analysis, information systems management, organization development, construction management, human resources, utility rate structures, and many other areas of specialization that positively impact energy conservation — work closely with Nebo School District Energy Specialists Bodie Bradley and Russell Maughan. They are trained to analyze all energy use throughout the organization’s systems and ensure that energy is used as efficiently as possible.

The key component to the success of Nebo’s Energy Program is the maintenance, custodial staff and food service department. These individuals are in the buildings on a daily basis, ensuring that every building is operating as efficiently as possible. They are the backbone of the Energy Program and without their support, the program would simply not be successful.