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Mission: Inspiration – The Mister Inspiration Pageant 2016

Mar 22, 2016 03:48PM

Who will it be? The 2016 Mister Inspiration Pageant, slated for March 24th in Orem, will reveal the dreams and inspiring lives of local men with disabilities, and is sure to surprise and inspire all who attend! The Mister Inspiration Pageant honors and celebrates the lives of men with disabilities who inspire others while facing significant life challenges. The pageant features 20 very special gentlemen with a variety of disabilities and life histories, and gives them the opportunity to take center stage and inspire others in a formal yet funny and classy competition. One of them will be crowned Mr. Inspiration!

Each gentleman and his volunteer sponsor have been preparing his “platform”, which will be presented as a display at the event describing his interests, life story, and dreams. Sponsors will also share what it is about each man that inspires them. Because many of the gentlemen cannot communicate through speech or demonstrate musical or other talents, pageant judges will be considering other criteria such as how the contestants have inspired others and how they present and pursue their dreams.

The mystery / detective theme for the pageant, “Mission: Inspiration”, was chosen because the event will take place on the stage of Showhouse II at the SCERA where “Curtains”, a musical comedy whodunit, is being performed evenings from March 18-26. The Mr. Inspiration show will be fun and entertaining, due in part to the comical banter and chemistry of our Emcees (or bumbling detectives!), Shawn Mortensen and Kelly Coombs. Shawn is an accomplished director, choreographer and performer, and is the favorite “go to” emcee for pageants throughout Utah. Kelly is a popular local Utah actress and performer who loves to leave a little sparkle wherever she goes, and currently teaches drama and musical theater at Karl G. Maeser Preparatory Academy. Entertainment during the event includes acclaimed storyteller and songwriter Sam Payne, violinists Jesse Craig and Lindsey Lloyd, and the magnificent voice of Dallyn Vail Bayles! The five Pageant judges are all current Utah royalty: Miss Orem, Miss Orem Outstanding Teen, Miss Provo, Miss Washington County, and Miss Pioneer Valley. What a memorable lunch hour!

In March, 2015, Miss Inspiration and her Attendants were crowned, beginning a year of community service and fulfilling their role as advocates for people with disabilities throughout Utah. On March 24th, 2016, Mr. Inspiration and his four runners-up will be chosen. They will continue to partner with cities, civic organizations, and other royalty to celebrate life in Utah and promote the public image of persons with disabilities as capable and contributing neighbors and citizens.

TURN Community Services is a non-profit organization founded by parents in 1973 to create alternatives to institutions for their children and other family members with disabilities. TURN has since grown to serve over 740 individuals in 11 Utah counties, offering a full range of residential, day, employment, summer camp, family support, and respite services.

Come be inspired and bring friends and family because we are hoping for a full and loud house! The “Mission: Inspiration” Mister Inspiration 2016 Pageant is scheduled for Thursday, March 24, 2016, from noon to 1:30 pm at the SCERA Center For The Arts (Showhouse II), Orem, UT. For more information, please contact Dave Hennessey, Associate Director, TURN Community Services, 801-376-6844, or by email at [email protected]

See the poster: 2016 Mister Inspiration Flyer FINAL