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Contest open to portrait photographers

May 05, 2016 01:34AM
By Stephen Parsons

Does Utah have talent? We at The-Photo-Shop in Payson believe that question is answered with a resounding yes. We are so confident that we have offered up a cash prize of up to $1,000 to prove it. Most artists are motivated by one of two things: 1. Money, and 2. Recognition. That is why we are offering a contest that will provide both to the winner. The prize is big enough to draw outstanding artists from all of our communities, and the winner is also going to be recognized in the Serve Daily newspaper as well as an offer for a gallery showing. At The-Photo-Shop, we have a traditional studio space that can be rented complete with lighting and backdrops. We also have a huge natural light studio upstairs with 10 big picture windows letting in that natural light, and the walls are exposed brick and lath for a fresh look. We also have props and backdrops you can use upstairs or you are welcome to bring your own. Are you tired of shooting all your favorite places with your models and having all of your work look the same? Here is a great opportunity to expand your portfolio and the look you can offer your clients. The rules of the contest are simple. Bring your model to our studio and create some great work. If you don’t have a great deal of experience, we have expert photographers on hand that can give you some advice and direction as well as some technical help. Post your image to our facebook page (, like our page, and be sure to like the Serve Daily Facebook page and sign up for the newsletter (, then spread the word far and wide with your network. Have your friends and family like our page and like your image to cast their votes. The image with the most likes wins. Use your social network prowess to propel your creativity into the spotlight. You can find more details here: