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All Things Art celebrates 20 years

May 05, 2016 12:22PM
How does a small dream crash out of its borders to become successful beyond your imagination? In the case of All Things Art Studio in Springville, which began operating in 1996, it happened with art instruction that started and stayed personal as each student was assisted in achieving personal goals one step at a time.

Now the studio is celebrating 20 years of helping local students develop their artistic talents.

All Things Art Studio began small, adding mediums most students had never used before and building their confidence and talent while aided by teachers who believed in them and had the tools to help them realize their artistic potential. The studio has enjoyed many wonderful community partnerships to aid the youth of the area. Some of these include the Springville Arts Council, Springville Museum of Art, local Boy Scout Troops, Springville High School (having served SHS as an enrichment art instructor for 16 years), Snow College and many others over the past 20 years.

The studio measures its true success in helping give a voice to children who may be shy or unsure of themselves. It helps them develop talent in a safe studio environment where no bullying is allowed or tolerated and students support one another. Trying new mediums, studying master artists and learning techniques and their histories help encourage the student to grow in their confidence. They learn the universal language of art, which is understood by all people. Many of the studio's apprentices have gone on to apprentice with outstanding artist like Jeff Hein, J. Kirk Richards and Casey Childs, to name a few. Former advanced students at All Things Art are living their own dreams in the art fields they chose as a profession. They include Brandon Gonzales, matte painting supervisor at Stargate Studios in Los Angeles; Kent Miller, a designer for 7D8 in Salt Lake City; Bill Sturgis, a patina artist at Baer Bronze; Dallin Slater, a landscape designer at LOCI in Salt Lake City; and Kaeley Fawcett, an art teacher at Hurricane Junior High School. The studio's mission is to help each student become their own artist with a unique voice within a safe studio environment which promotes the expansion of their talents without them becoming a copy of someone else. As students progress, the studio's advanced class helps them prepare for scholarships, jobs, commissions, art shows and other opportunities in the art world. The studio looks forward to accepting new students as its high school seniors move on to their next stage of education and life. Summer classes at All Things Art will begin May 30 and run Monday through Wednesday from noon to 1:30 p.m. The advanced class is on Thursday only. There will be one class per week per student. To sign up or for questions, call Mary or Doug Reeder at 801-491-5074 or visit the All Things Art Facebook page.