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Say hello to a good book to take on vacation

When we pack our bags for a vacation, we don’t want to take along a heavy book -not in weight or subject matter. “The Accidental Goodbye” by popular local author Marilyn Brown fits nicely into this category and your suitcase.

She has again chosen to set her historical novel in a Utah town. This time, it’s Mercur, Utah, in 1902. In the Acknowledgments (I always read these and the preface), Brown explains how she was given her main character by her grandpa. “And if you’re interested, there’s a trunk there – it has some stuff about Utah in it. A journal written by my cousin Cecily McKinsey when she was a girl.”

Cecily is a teenage girl who daydreams and tries to make sense of the tragedies that have plagued her little town she calls Sweet Pie. Did the trouble start a year ago when the handsome stranger named Brooker Rose walked out of the western desert and into her heart?

Brooker stayed to work a played-out gold mine after declaring he had a sense there was still gold deep in the mine. He shared his life philosophy with all he met. “He said that here will be disintegration at the slightest provocation.” He also shared his visions of the future that included such wonders as indoor outhouses and a piece of glass where you could watch what was happening in the world.

The author, Marilyn Brown, writes with the pen of a poet and the brush of an artist. In addition to being a writer of historical fiction, Brown is a creator of poetry and paintings. As we read the story of her ancestor Cecily who has “imaginings,” we have to wonder if Marilyn has inherited some of this distant cousin’s ability.

“The Accidental Goodbye” is published by Walnut Springs Press and is available from the author, some local bookstores or on