Bravo Bravo: From breakfast burritos to fajitas

r When I asked Millie, the owner of Bravo Bravo, why she decided to open her restaurant, she said, “Because I want to bring my food to the world.” You can tell when food is made just by going through the steps versus when a meal is prepared with love. Everything just tastes better and it is comforting. You feel like you’ve been taken care of. Millie’s food is made with love and you can tell. Mexican food has always been a favorite of mine and because of Millie, Bravo Bravo is now my new go-to for Mexican food.rBravo Brave is located in Salem south of Stokes Market. I have driven by many times and sadly not noticed this gem. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. You know those big, fresh, homemade breakfast burritos that you dream about? They make those. Don’t you dare go to Taco Bell after reading about this real, homemade breakfast burrito. You need one for breakfast tomorrow. Trust me.rOK, let’s talk about the food. When you are judging a Mexican restaurant, I think you need to focus on one thing: enchilada sauce. If they open a can and pour it on, you know you aren’t getting high-quality food. When I say enchilada sauce, I’m talking about the deep red sauce with all the seasonings. I used to buy it in a can but once I made it from scratch there was no going back. The cheese enchilada at Bravo Bravo was divine and a huge part of that was the delicious enchilada sauce.rWhen we arrived for the review, Millie had prepared a sumptuous spread with chicken fajitas, carne asada, cheese and chicken enchiladas, and rice and beans. Plus, there was a variety of salsas and fresh-made guacamole. Mmmm. I was excited for this review.rEnchiladas are kind of my favorite. Both of these were delicious. My go-to is chicken enchiladas with green sauce. I don’t normally order the cheese enchiladas, but I kind of fell in love with the blend of the melted cheese in the light corn tortillas and the fresh, red sauce. I could tell the sauce was made from scratch. It had nice, rich tones without being too spicy. The chicken enchilada had a bit of heat to it and complimented the shredded chicken. One issue I sometimes have with chicken enchiladas is the meat quality. Sometimes you bite in and get a piece that has cartilage or that is tough. This chicken was great and very tender.rThe guacamole was like heaven, creamy and delicious. For the rice and beans, they chose black beans, which were nicely seasoned. The rice was authentic with peas and carrots. Fajitas! I love me some fajitas. The chicken was tender and paired nicely with the sautéed peppers and onions. They brought out warm corn tortillas for the fajitas. The chicken had great seasoning, and the flavor of the peppers and onions was enhanced by the grilling. Just a refreshing combination that tasted great. It was a crowd-pleaser.rAnother thing that stood out to me is the great kids’ menu. Millie, the owner, knows the appetites of little children. She made the menu based on what her children loved to eat growing up. The kids’ menu had chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, hot dogs and quesadillas. That pretty much sums up my 3-year-old’s diet.rThey have daily lunch specials that are $6.50 including a drink. Speaking of drinks, they have freshly made aqua frescas like horchata. Nothing better than an icy glass of horchata with your tacos. The ambiance was great too. I loved the brightly colored garlands hanging from the ceiling and the bright sarapes on the table. Overall, I just fell in love with Bravo Bravo. It is a gem and I would recommend checking it out. Hours Mon. – Sat. 7:00 am – 9:00 pm, closed Sunday.rBravo Bravo is located at 575 N. State Road 198.

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.

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