Personal Progress Binder launches first Personal Progress app

r Kristin Call, the creator of the Personal Progress Binder, is pleased to announce the launch of the Personal Progress Binder App, created by developer Scott Daly.

The app is a companion to accomplishing the Personal Progress program created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It breaks each experience and project into manageable tasks and provides the user with the necessary tools to accomplish them, something young women have wanted for months.

“It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of for a personal progress app,” said Whitney Henderson, who runs the popular LDS Instagram account @armyofhelaman. “I love the layout of the experiences. It’s so clear and simple, especially with the journal right there.”

Within the app, users are able to keep track of their daily progress through the longer experiences with check charts and notifications.

“I love that the scripture links take me right to the Gospel Library app. Everything is in one place,” said Alyssa McGuire, a laurel from Mesa, Ariz. “The ‘currently working on’ tab is perfect for me because I’m a multi-tasker and prefer to work on a few things at once. This keeps me organized.”

The app also provides a Book of Mormon reading chart, the ability to contact leaders and parents about specific experiences, collect signatures and receive badges for completing each experience to share on social media.

“So often the hardest part of Personal Progress is knowing you’ve fulfilled every requirement. We really wanted to simplify the Personal Progress program for young women and make it exciting for them,” said Call. “This program made a huge impact on my own life and I love being able to help young women on the same path.”

Daly said, “Developing the Personal Progress Binder app has been such a rewarding experience. Previously, I had known very little about the program, but for the last year I have spent every day working on the app and I have come to appreciate what it teaches our young women.”

The Personal Progress Binder App is available for purchase at

The Personal Progress Binder App is not intended to replace the Personal Progress program. Young women are encouraged to use it in addition to the program manuals provided by their church leaders.

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Chris Baird
Chris Baird
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