Eagle Scout Project Food Kits For Kids

r By Landon Finchr

Landon Finch’s Eagle Scout Project


rFood Kits For KidsrFor my project I will be collecting donations of food or money for Nutrition kits for kids that don’t have a lot to eat when they get home. My goal is to make at least a 100 kits.

rGathering the food donations will last 8/6/16 – 8/19/16.

The donations may be dropped off at my house in a box by the front door. Cash donation may be delivered to my house and checks must be made out to Landon Finch.

Here is a list of the food items that are required in each kit.

100% juice boxrEntree (Kraft Easy Mac, Chef Boyardee Microwave Meal, etc.)rPackage of fruit snacksrPackage of peanut butter crackersrFruit cuprFruit and grain barrGranola bar

Contact info.rphone: 385-224-9788 Address: 252 S. Cody Circle Elk Ridge Utah, 84651 email: landon.f587@stu.nebo.edu


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