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Group Clay Pigeon Shoot and BBQ 8-6-16

Sep 09, 2016 04:36PM

By Kenneth Vaughn, Board Member,

Fred Barber and his farmer neighbor family, the Larson’s hosted Chairbound Sportsman and volunteers to another fun event involving shooting at clay pigeons followed by a BBQ lunch. There were four in wheelchairs and about a dozen volunteers participating in the morning event. Who would have dreamed that the best way to get four guys in wheelchairs into position on a farm pastor would be a large low boy trailer, forklift loader and 4-wheel drive truck. This also provided a good shooting platform from which to shoot at clay pigeons. All who wanted to bust clays got to take turns shooting to hone their shooting skills. The weather was sunny and mild with a slight breeze.

One of the shooters a quadriplegic remarked that he had such a wonderful time and this was the first time he has shot trap since age eleven. A friend and fellow quad gave him pointers on how to secure the gun and be able to pull the trigger. Soon he became one of our best and most accurate shooters and the clays were busted at about a 60 % - 80% rate. I can’t wait till pheasant hunting season and these guys will shine.

This was the fifth year in a row that Fred has invited us to his home and worked very hard to set this activity up. A special thanks to all that helped in this event.