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5 reasons a box is the best toy ever

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Funnyish-Fun for Kids can be Hard Work

Kids just want to have fun. But, before kids can have fun, adults usually have to put in a lot of work.

r We have a box in our living room. It has been in our living room for quite a while. It is wonderful. Here’s just a few of the reasons why:

A box is affordable.rWe didn’t pay any money to get the box. Oh, sure, you might say that part of our annual Amazon Prime fee goes to paying for the boxes, but I think that’s just nitpicking. Besides, it doesn’t have to be an Amazon Prime box for the kids to enjoy it. Quite often boxes that toys come in get played with more than the toy that came in the box.

A box is durable.rWe have had the box that is currently in our living room for several months. In that time it has been stepped in, stepped on, sat in, sat on, kicked, punched, turned upside down, stood upon, and taken pretty much any other abuse that can possibly be inflicted upon it by four children. And still it stands! (Very few purchased toys would be able to withstand such a thrashing.)

A box is disposable.rAnd yet, if the box were to collapse, or if we, as parents, got tired of it, we could simply break it down and put it in the recycling bin. Recycling is a good thing. We can use the box to help “save the planet.”

A box is replaceable.rIf we do get rid of the box, there’s nothing to worry about. Why? Well, another box will be along soon to take its place. There will be another large toy, small appliance or Amazon Prime order. There will always be another box.

A box is versatile.rThis is the key. A box can be anything! Over the past several weeks, the box in our living room has been a race car, a spaceship, a closet, a submarine, a stage, a transporter machine, a boat, a movie theater’s desk, a coffin, a castle, a cave, a space station, a coloring book, a hiding place and a throne. (Among other things.)

Oh, and a radio. (One kid hides inside the box. A second kid knocks on the box and requests a song. Then, the kid who is hiding inside the box must sing the song that has been requested.) Box!

So, yes, a box is the best toy you could ever have for your children. They’ll have hours and hours of fun with it. (Unless you want them to play with the box. If so, they’ll completely ignore it.)

For more funny-ish stuff, go to slowjoe40.com.

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