Lemon & Sage opens in Springville

r By Shirlene JordanrLemon & Sage Artisan Kitchens, Bakery and Market opened on Aug. 27 on Main Street in Springville. The company was founded out of a desire to provide opportunities for small businesses to flourish and bring a vibrant addition to Main Street while providing an alternative to mass-produced, processed food for the local community.rLemon & Sage is an incubator kitchen or a place where anyone can grow a food-based business. Many times, the only thing standing in the way of a successful entrepreneur is access to a commercial kitchen, and the cost of starting one can be daunting.

Lemon & Sage removes this hurdle by providing beautiful, well-equipped commercial kitchens certified by the County Health Department and the State Department of Agriculture. Their kitchens and bakery were created to help locals launch small food businesses while the Marketplace was created as a place consumers can confidently pick up a healthy and ready-made dinner for the family, a jar of savory pasta sauce slow-cooked to perfection, or a delicious cake for that special occasion. Just think year-round farmer’s market.rLemon & Sage is also a venue for cooking classes, pop-up restaurants (the building is turned into a restaurant for an evening), lunch service, pop-up boutiques and more. The business fosters a cooperative environment in which its members are encouraged to collaborate and create. Watch its website, Facebook and Instagram for upcoming events.rLemon & Sage is an investment in the community that removes significant financial risk from the plate of the small food entrepreneur, allowing business start-ups to flourish. Whether you’re an experienced caterer, or home cook wanting to give it a try, Lemon & Sage provides an affordable alternative to help you run your own business.

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