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Beehive Homes Community Spotlight: Carol Barrett

Every community has people in it that make it great. I’m talking about salt-of-the-earth kind of people. Join us as each month as we highlight one of our longtime members in the community. Carol Barrett was born in July of 1931 at a birthing house across the street from her home, which was next door to the old Rees School in Spanish Fork. Her parents were Bill and Maggie Crump. They had three children: Floyd, Carol and Larry. At the time, Spanish Fork was home to many migrant workers. Most were working at the newly created Geneva Steel or building homes in the area. At that time, Carol's father was the town barber. His shop was on Main Street. He wasn’t always a barber; he started out working on one of the construction crews that were building homes in Spanish Fork. He and his workmates went to the Salt Lake area on the weekends to dance and meet girls. One day Bill stopped at a barber school and instantly enrolled. Bill was a natural, and after three weeks the instructor said, “Bill, get your tools and get out of here, you are a great barber, you can cut and shave as good as anybody — and Bill, you have the gift of gab.” Bill quickly opened up a shop in Spanish Fork that became the most popular place in town for a cut and shave. The Crumps grew up humble and made the best of what they had. Carol’s mom Maggie would work during the holiday seasons and stay home with the children the rest of the time. Carol grew up quick and married young; however, she soon became a single mom. Carol got her own place in Spanish Fork and was raising her two children on her own. One day she was walking home from her job on Main Street as a cashier when a man pulled up beside her and offered her a ride home. He was tall, dark and very handsome. He made a strong first impression on Carol and they immediately began dating. Bob Barrett had served at the very end of WWII as paratrooper and had made several jumps in Europe. He instantly loved Carol and the children, and they loved him. After dating for three months they were married. They bought a home on Main Street in Spanish Fork. Their home still stands today. It is right next to the bridge on the south end of town. You know it as the house with the big red barn. However, the barn was recently taken down for safety concerns.

“It’s funny. When I was a little girl I used to drink from the well on this property. Me and my friends would walk through the fields skipping and playing and stop for a drink. I had no idea I would own this home someday.” said Carol. Bob and Carol had two children together and they raised their four children in that home on Main Street. Debra, Lee, Brad and Joan grew up with cattle, horses and a small garden. Bob was originally from Ogden. While living in Spanish Fork, he worked as the auctioneer for the livestock auctions from Spanish Fork to Salina. Bob ran every auction and loved the outdoors. Bob never talked much about war time; Carol and the kids knew it was a difficult subject. After many years together, Bob passed away. The kids had been grown and married for some time and Carol would live alone until she moved into Beehive Homes of Spanish Fork. “I really enjoy it here. I enjoy being around and talking to other residents. The workers are so nice and they treat me good," said Carol. Thank you Carol Barrett for being kind, loving and generous and making our community great. We recognize you for the great family you have raised and serving our community in every way you can to make life enjoyable for those around you. To contact Carol Barrett, you may visit or write to Beehive Homes, Care of Carol Barrett, 858 E. 100 South, Spanish Fork, UT 84660.