Mapleton asking for input on future commercial development

r Mapleton City is asking residents for their opinions about the look of future commercial development along Highway 89, a major traffic corridor stretching from north to south through the city that is largely undeveloped.

A commercial design standards survey has been posted on the city website,, with pictures of various commercial building styles that residents are asked to rank in order of their preference.

“Mapleton City is currently working on design standards for commercial buildings and sites on the Highway 89 corridor to ensure that as new development occurs it is consistent with the character of the community,” states the website. “The purpose of the survey is to receive input regarding preferred architectural design characteristics such as building styles, heights, materials, and other site details.”

“The city’s getting to the population now where we’re starting to get some interest (in the Highway 89 area),” said Sean Conroy, community development director for Mapleton City. “This is kind of our first step to get people involved and interested in what could happen along that corridor and kind of get what people like and what they don’t like.”

The specific area being addressed is the stretch of Highway 89 extending from 1600 South to 800 North. Currently that entire area is zoned to accept commercial development, Conroy said.

In addition to asking questions about the look of commercial buildings, the survey asks residents for their opinion on potential landscape designs and which intersection on Highway 89 they would prefer to act as a “Town Center.”

While some grocery stores have expressed interest in the area and there are a couple of commercial buildings under construction now by the Harvest Park community, there are no imminent applications for commercial development along Highway 89, Conroy said. “The goal is really to get the standards in place before so that when development does come, we’re not trying to be reactionary,” he said.

Residents have until Nov. 21 to complete the online survey. When the results are obtained, city community development staff will share those results with the city council and begin to develop written standards. Once a written draft is completed, Conroy said there will be another opportunity for public comment, most likely through a community open house.

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.

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