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r Update: as of Nov. 3rd Madera closed and is looking for a new location. Stay tuned for more information. Enjoy the review for the restaurant you love.

Turkey. Many Thanksgiving feasts have been ruined by turkey. It is never done on time. Or it is burned to a crisp. Or is it eaten by hungry neighborhood dogs. Wait, that is “The Christmas Story.” But, honestly, turkey can be tricky. Even when it is perfectly cooked, it is honestly a little bit bland. You’ve got to slather it in cranberry sauce or gravy to make it palatable. The turkey at Madera Smokehouse stands by itself even without any condiments. The rich, smoky flavor makes it devastatingly delicious (just went there).

The smoked turkey at Madera kind of has a cult following. It has gotten so popular that every Thursday, Madera has a Thanksgiving special. Thick slices of smoked turkey topped with garlic mashed potatoes, a stuffing waffle and gravy. The stuffing waffle is a thing of legend. It is like stuffing but with this crispy, crunchy exterior. Soft plus crunchy plus flavorful stuffing makes for a pretty amazing treat. Here’s more amazing news: Madera is making their smoked turkey available for Thanksgiving so you don’t have to go through the hassle of the never-ending wait for the turkey to be done or watch loved ones go to battle over the turkey’s readiness (I’ve seen it complete with a call to the Butterball help line). You can order smoked turkey breast, garlic mashed potatoes and stuffing (either traditional ready for the oven or as batter for stuffing waffles) for $15 a person. Best Thanksgiving ever. Just warm it up and prepare to be amazed.rI was happy to head back to Madera because one visit to Madera Smokehouse was definitely not adequate to cover everything that they offer. After visiting the first time, I had to go back a couple weeks later to try their steak salad. Steak plus salad is a combination that I just had to experience. Then I got the call from Curtis that they have some specials coming up with Thanksgiving. While we were visiting, he mentioned some other specials that they have added: tri-tip and brisket tacos. OK. Mind blown. First brisket in a taco with some delicious sauces? Must try. Then, tri tip. As a California girl growing up in the central valley, tri-tip is practically a religion. You gotta have good tri-tip. I couldn’t pass that up. So in addition to the legendary turkey, you get to learn about some new favorites at Madera. Lucky you!rI was surprised that I fell in love with the brisket taco. I am normally a total tri-tip girl, but this taco won me over. So they have their delicious smoked brisket, which by itself is phenomenal, then you add in matchstick-thin slices of apple, pickled onions and romaine lettuce and then this amazing cream sauce. So the deep smoky flavor of the brisket is combined with this crisp fresh green apple and it is this blending of flavors and textures that is just delicious.rOf course, I adored the tri-tip sandwich. Tri-tip is one of my all-time favorite foods. In my introduction article, I mentioned eating tri-tip at the Farmer’s Market in Clovis, Calif. So expectations were high. The sandwich did not disappoint. The tri-tip was tender and perfectly cooked with just the right amount of seasoning. And this is not thin slices of tri-tip. No, these are thick slices of the delicious steak that is legendary. It was topped with sautéed onions and a delicious sauce. You can choose to have it as a sandwich or sliced. The tri-tip sandwich is a Friday special.rSo, now you have more reasons to head to Madera Smokehouse, and you have a way to make Thanksgiving less chaotic and save family relationships through ordering dinner from Madera. Madera Smokehouse is located at 310 N. Main in Spanish Fork. If you want to order food for Thanksgiving, you will need to order by Saturday, Nov. 19.


Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.

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