Spanish Fork chamber names December Business of the Month

r Congratulations to Sego Lily Soap, the December Business of the Month for the Spanish Fork Salem Area Chamber of Commerce. Katrina Kimball is the owner and soapmaker of Sego Lily Soap. They formulate each batch of soap entirely by hand, carefully selecting each ingredient for the qualities it will add to the finished bar. They use the traditional Cold Process or Hot Process method of soapmaking. It’s kind of like our great-grandmothers used to do but so much better. Kimball enjoys the sense of community and the pioneer heritage we share with others in our area. This is why she has chosen a sego lily to represent their family business. It symbolizes a source of life, faith, beauty and strength. The early pioneers had to eat the bulb of the flower to ward off starvation when food was scarce. It was a sacred plant in Native American legend. The sego lily is a rare beauty that thrives in the our harsh desert land. Sego Lily Soap is located at 122 N. Main in Spanish Fork.


Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.

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