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Letter to the Editor: Paying it forward

Jan 05, 2017 01:56AM
I have a sweet story to share about a wonderful, selfless, kind and charitable woman. Ms. Charity! Charity received a Christmas bonus and decided to share it. She went to Walmart and paid off two layaways for two individuals that she does not know.

She had the cashier put a note on them that said, "Paying in forward in the memory of Marcia, Rudy, Jack, Glenn, Fern, Danny, Laura, Lenore, Barbara, Nancy, Lyle, Clair, David, Stan, Caroline, Iris and Ruth." These are names of all the sweet people she cared for this year.

I am so honored to be the co-worker of someone who is so kind and caring. We all love you lots Ms. Charity! You are truly inspiring.

Carma Karsten Maple Creek Home Health & Hospice, Spanish Fork