La Casita is chamber’s 2017 Business of the Year

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r The Springville-Mapleton Chamber of Commerce is happy to announce that La Casita is its choice for 2017 Business of the Year.

Considered one of Utah County’s top Mexican food restaurants for nearly fourrdecades now, La Casita’s success is built around two main concepts: unique familyrrecipes perfected with years of fine tuning and always ensuring that customers feelrlike family.

“We not only want every customer who walks through our door to haveroutstanding Mexican food and a genuine dining experience, but also feel like theyrare part of La Casita’s family, tradition and history,” said owner Luis Muzquiz Jr.rLa Casita has become a mainstay in Springville’s dining community. The children andrgrandchildren of those who dined at La Casita when it first opened in October 1978rare the restaurant’s core customers today.

La Casita was founded by Luis Muzquiz Sr. and his wife Luz. They moved to Utahrafter working as cooks and servers for many years at various Mexican restaurants inrSouthern California. With encouragement from customer Charlie Hesselgesser, whormoved from Southern California to Koosharem, Utah, Luis Muzquiz Sr. purchased thersmall building at 333 N. Main in Springville that once housed Siesta VillagerRestaurant, which was operated for years by the Domingo Rodriquez family.r“I think La Casita became successful from the beginning and continued strongrfor 25 years because of my dad’s outgoing personality and the recipes he learnedrfrom his mother,” Luis Muzquiz Jr. said.

In March 2003, Luis Muzquiz Jr. and wife Katie purchased La Casita, and they have continued to serve the restaurant’s original cuisine for the past 14 years. More importantly, Luis Jr. and Katie continue to build La Casita’s generational customer base. In addition to being honored with the Springville-Mapleton Chamber ofrCommerce Business of the Year award, La Casita was recently chosen by readers of the Daily Herald as Utah County’s best Mexican restaurant.

“Our business philosophy is simple. Our customers are family to us,” Luis Muzquiz Jr. said.

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.

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