Springville Junior Rifle Club teaches safe shooting

r By Allison DavisrDonna Warnock has been working as director of the Springville Junior Rifle Club for many years now. She’s a great shot and a great mentor to all. Many of the juniors have learned everything they know from her, and she spends a lot of her time teaching and helping kids learn how to shoot.

rThe Springville Junior Rifle Club is a non-profit organization that teaches teaches Olympic-style rifle shooting skills for students ages 12-20. They meet two days a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays. It also teaches hunter education classes and works with Scouts. It emphasizes is the importance of gun safety and control and knowing how to treat a gun. They have a lot of expertise in their craft and teach a lot of precision rifle shooting.

rWarnock loves what she does, and she’s good at it too. She knows how hard it is for younger Boy Scouts to sit still and shoot, and she knows how to help them focus and shoot well. She’s been involved with the Junior Rifle Club for 30 years now, the last 10 as director, and her experience is obvious as she works with Scouts to improve their shooting. Warnock considers shooting a sport of self-control and a very mentally oriented process. She teaches students how to focus on what they’re doing and the target in front of them, and it works.

rWarnock knows what she’s doing. She lets everyone who comes in shoot and knows how to keep them safe and how to teach them to keep others safe. Juniors shoot for $15 yearly and $3 per visit. Warnock puts all the profits back into the club as equipment isn’t always cheap.

rThe Springville Junior Rifle Club is a great way for kids to develop a new talent, get a hunter’s license and learn self-discipline. It meets at 65 E. 200 South in Springville. For more information, call 801-995-9190 or find the club on Facebook.r


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