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Monthly Archives: January, 2017

Nebo high school students donate trees to Festival of Trees

Spanish Fork High School welding students constructed a special tree in 2016 to honor a former Don, Kiplyn Davis, that went missing 20 years ago. This year would mark her 20th reunion as a Spanis

Nebo School District announces Christmas card winners

Nebo School District received many entries this year to be considered for the Nebo School District Christmas card. This year, high school students competed for this honor. All of the following st

Beehive Homes Community Spotlight: Joan Ludlow

Every community has people in it that make it great. I’m talking about salt-of-the-earth kinda people. Join us as each month as we highlight one of our longtime members in the community.Joan Ludl

Real estate brokerage shares carols with the homeless

By Josh Bird The holiday season is focused on family, and homes often become the place of gathering. When Preston was struggling with a severe mental illness, it was hard for him to feel at home

Springville Junior Rifle Club teaches safe shooting

The Springville Junior Rifle Club is a great way for kids to develop a new talent, get a hunter’s license and learn self-discipline. It meets at 65 E. 200 South in Springville. For more information, c

Former schoolmates get the band back together

With some help from a music teacher and some older brothers, six guys in high school got together in 1960 in Provo and started a musical group. They played for the school assembly and church grou

Sierra Bonita highlights its education programs at board meeting

Staff and students from Sierra Bonita Elementary School in Spanish Fork visited a recent meeting of the Nebo School District Board of Education to tell the board about some of the educational pro

New monthly series to focus on families

Merit Academy Your Family Matters is a new monthly series designed just for families. Each month there will be a new activity, speaker or project that focuses on building and strengthening famili

Nebo’s Native American students raise $12,000

Nebo’s Title VI Performing Art Native American Indian students were involved recently in fundraising for Navajo elders. Their efforts raised $12,000 through selling Navajo rugs. Adopt-a-Native-El

Project Teddy Bear a huge success

Thanks for all the Project Teddy Bear support this year! The Spanish Fork High School Letterman's Club and Canyon Elementary School donated 1,433 new collected Teddy Bears. Through Project Teddy

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