Saturday, June 25, 2022

Serve the community through Random Acts of Kindness Moments

r Serve Daily has recently launched a new program called Random Acts of Kindness Moments, or RAKM. This program is an effort to encourage Utah County residents to serve and show kindness toward their neighbors.

Many are familiar with the term Random Acts of Kindness. The RAKM program takes Random Acts of Kindness and adds an additional aspect: Moments. By placing the “M” at the end, Serve Daily seeks to encourage and perpetuate memorable moments that brighten lives.

Through the RAKM program, local residents are asked to pick up a handful of the new RAKM cards now available at a variety of businesses in southern Utah County. These cards come in five different designs and include inspirational messages and artwork and photos by artists Ed Helmick, Stephen Parsons and Jon McNaughton.

RAKM program participants then choose a target for their RAKM and perform their act of service, leaving their RAKM card to encourage that person to pay it forward with their own RAKM.

These RAKM’s can range from smiling or saying “hello” to volunteering at the local food pantry, bringing in a neighbor’s trash can, writing a note or appreciation or picking up litter on the street. More ideas and information about the RAKM program can be found at Cards are available at the following locations:

Haupt Electrical, 312 N. 1600 West, Mapleton. Jimmy John’s, 786 N. 800 East, Spanish Fork. La Casita, 333 N. Main, Springville. Leavitt Group, 199 N. Main, Spanish Fork; 27 E. Main, Santaquin (coming soon). Lulu’s Crafty Corner, 332 S. 100 West, Payson. Payson Market, 586 N. Main, Payson. Peak Orthodontics (coming soon), 496 N. 990 West, American Fork; 407 E.1000 North, Spanish Fork. Sego Lily Soap, 122 N. Main, Spanish Fork. Stokes Market, 795 N. State, Salem. White Feather Rocks, 33 W. Main, Santaquin.

Businesses interested in helping to distribute RAKM cards can contact Chris Baird for more information at 801-477-6845.

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.
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