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Ryan Andrew Stream performs for American Leadership Academy

Mar 02, 2017 01:12AM
By Ryan Andrew Stream Motivational speaker, musician and soldier Ryan Andrew Stream performed for the American Leadership Academy in Spanish Fork recently. Stream speaks about his life before and after being adopted. Ryan and his brother slept in a homeless shelter and foster care homes before being reunited and adopted by the same family.

He also shares his troubling past due to addictions and choices he made during his youth. Ryan loves to speak about bullying, obeying your parents and teacher, always doing your best and never giving up. Speaking about his two deployments to Afghanistan and playing the music he composes, keeping the students on the edge of their seats, Stream says he will make a diffence one classroom at a time. You can find Stream on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube @ryanandrewstream. He loves going to school districts, youth and adult correctional facilities, universities and anywhere he can make a difference.