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Merit Academy teachers and administration in Springville work closely with students to develop an exciting learning environment and a curriculum that uses Project Based Learning. This is an exciting and innovative process that will be ongoing for many years.

PBL is a teaching method which encourages students to become active and engaged scholars. Each project begins with a proposed question, problem or challenge, one that has real-world relevance and meaning for the student. The teacher then guides the students, individually or as a group, as they research information, identify possible solutions, implement ideas, evaluate successes and failures, and revise theories to create a polished product.

Students learn how to take initiative and responsibility for their own education. They build confidence as they learn to solve problems and think critically. PBL teaches students teamwork, effective communication and presentation skills.

One important aspect of PBL is that students make their work public by presenting it to people outside the classroom, thus encouraging them to produce high-quality work.

After completing a project, students better understand what they’ve learned. They remember and retain it longer. Perhaps the most important aspect of this philosophy, however, is that students develop a powerful love of learning which results in a lifetime pursuit of knowledge, creativity and real-world problem solving. We look forward to you joining us on this amazing journey.


Chris Baird
Chris Baird
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