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r Learn to fully process a medium-sized animal using little more than a knife through classes to be held May 4-6 in Mona.

Desert DAWN’s Traditional Animal Processing Workshops provide students with the opportunity to learn to slaughter, skin, eviscerate, butcher and cook a medium-sized animal (sheep or goat) in a traditional way, using little more than one’s knife. The methods taught are what one would use to provide meat for a family and similar to methods used on a small farm or while hunting.

The workshops’ two primary goals are first: to help people learn ways of being in more control of the food they eat by knowing how to process an animal for food, and second: to encourage respect for the lives given for food by showing ways of using more of the animal for a healthier diet and for utilitarian items. Whether you are a person who is living more simply and providing more for yourself or you are a hunter who has pondered what other gifts an animal provides, this workshop will provide you skills to use as much of an animal as possible.

The workshops include how to:r- Identify the parts of the animal;r- Cook the edible parts such as the muscles, organs, bones and more, which provides the lunch for the workshop;r- Process the hide, sinew, intestines, bones and hooves to be used for utility items; andr- Make utility items including tools, glue, cordage, musical instruments, containers, adornments, clothing and more.rExamples are available for students to examine and use as a guide.

The Traditional Animal Processing Workshop is the primary workshop. It is guided by the instructors with detailed explanations of every step of the process. After the instructor demonstrates a step, the students share the completion of the step. The students have ample time to experience the process and ask questions. This is a two-day workshop and the students have the option to attend a third day on which we will finish processing the hide and finish making bone tools.

The upcoming workshop will be held on May 4-6 with class starting at 9 a.m. The classes will be held at 514 W. 200 North, Mona. Cost is $225 per person. The workshop location is a ranch with a bunk house, running water, bathrooms, showers and a kitchen. These accommodations are available to all participants. Please let us know if you would like a bed in the bunk area. Bedding must be provided by the participant. There are also areas for camping if desired.

Light breakfasts will be provided. Lunches will be eaten from the animal being processed. Dinners will be provided to all participants. If there are special dietary concerns, the participant will need to be responsible for their own food.rTo reserve a spot, participants must book the class online. Once it’s been paid for, the seat is saved. There is a class limit of eight participants.

Sign up by going to, clicking on the “Shop” button and choosing the animal processing class.

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
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