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Mathlete Olympiad competition winners named

Jun 01, 2017 08:26AM
The Nebo District Mathlete Olympiad competition was held at Sage Creek Elementary School recently, where 36 top math students competed in the event. The competition was open to fourth-, fifth-, and sixth-graders from across the district. Using Olympiad questions from the MOEMS organization (Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools), students were given 30 minutes to solve as many advanced math problems as possible, scoring one point for each correct answer.

Students from Spring Lake, Maple Ridge, Sage Creek and Barnett elementary schools competed in the event.

Congratulations to the winning students in each grade level category:

Overall Winner: Tyler Jackson, fifth grade, Maple Ridge Elementary. Sixth-grade winners: first place, Skyler Frisbee; second place, Donna Wright and Jaydon Matsuoka; and third place, Wesley Walpole and Ethan Thomas.

Fifth-grade winners: first place, Emma Croshaw; second place, Spencer Payne; and third place, Joshua Kent. Fourth-grade winners: first place, Vanessa Walpole; second place, Dash Wright and Robert Folknur; and third place, Ryan Bell and Alex Jackson.

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