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School board meets with high school, jr. high representatives

Jun 01, 2017 08:32AM
The Nebo School District Board of Education and Nebo Superintendent Rick Nielsen meets with students from each of the high schools and junior high schools on a quarterly basis. Each Youth Board representative is selected by his/her principal to be a spokesperson for their school.

In May, the Nebo school board asked the high school Youth Board students questions. The high school students in turn discussed their feelings on preparedness for college and careers, the right amount of homework and the use of social media and technology, specifically one-to-one devices. The students shared out what they liked best about their respective high school’s culture.

The school board met with the junior high students in January. An advantage of these group discussions for students is to learn from each other and implement successful ideas in their own schools. This sharing opportunity promotes friendships between the schools in Nebo School District, which is growing by about 650 students yearly and had more than 32,000 students this year.