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Elk Ridge selects city flag design

A new flag to represent the city of Elk Ridge has been selected by public vote and adopted by city council by resolution. Members of the public were invited to submit their designs for consideration and then those designs were voted on. A first choice and second choice out of six designs were required in the first phase of voting. This allowed all to vote for their top two choices, which caused the two most popular designs to come out on top.

The top two designs continued into the final phase of voting. They were: “Upward” by Keith Kennedy of Elk Ridge and “Elk Stripes” by Sarah Millington of Elk Ridge. “Elk Stripes” was favored at 63 percent to 37 percent.

It is estimated that 11% of the total population of Elk Ridge participated in the vote.

The flag was adopted unanimously by the city council as the official Flag of Elk Ridge City through resolution on May 9. The resolution encourages the use of the flag by residents to show civic pride and commitment and it named a City Flag Day – a chance to for residents to show their Elk Stripes - every year on May 9.