Thursday, June 30, 2022

Nebo names district teachers of the year

r Nebo School District recently named Vicki Gardner the district’s Teacher of the Year and honored other teachers for their work during the 2016-17 school year.

Vicki Gardner, Diamond Fork Junior High 

“Vicki is a legend at DFJHS. She is an unprecedented talent. Her students are captivated by her innovative methods and ability to connect the material to their lives. Students do not study history, they live, re-enact, and become history. The world comes to them in the form of experts, guest speakers, and in the form of their own connections. Vicki knows that rigor is not about having students do more, but about having what they do require more. Vicki is an exemplary role model, a woman of character and integrity.”

Deanne Helquist, Mapleton Junior High 

“Deanne is fantastic! She is known throughout the state as one of the best orchestra teachers. She taught orchestra for over 41 years and positively influenced thousands of students. Deanne creates something magical in her classroom. Students are happily engaged in learning, playing, and harmonizing beautiful music in orchestra. She provides clear expectations, excellent pacing, positive reminders, cueing, proximity, and tasking. Deanne’s love for teaching and music brings learning alive for her students.”

Amber Capell, Mt. Nebo Junior High

“Amber is dedicated to math and our school. She has fully embraced the intensive training the district is providing on Comprehensive Math Instruction (CMI) and is an integral leader in helping others transition. Amber leads our STEM education with computer programing and robotics in our Discovery class. Students absolutely love Amber as a teacher. She understands students and their frustrations. Amber is compassionate and patient and completely dedicated to each student.”

Anne Purcell, Payson Junior High

“Anne is truly an exemplary teacher. She truly cares about students and greets her students at the doorway where she welcomes them. Students do not transfer out of her classes and parents actually request her. Anne’s classroom is a student-friendly environment. She is an advocate to helping other teachers and the school. She is without question, a Master Teacher.”

Kristen Van DeGraaff, Salem Junior High

“Kristen is a dedicated professional and is successful as a teacher, team leader, and mentor because she has a great desire to make Salem Junior a great place to learn. She has an attitude of excellence that permeates everything she does. Kristen gives individual attention to students and takes initiative to create meaningful and engaging opportunities for an educational adventure.”

Russell Lemmon, Spanish Fork Junior High

“Russell is an excellent teacher and a veteran teacher with tons of teaching experience. He is a team leader in the social studies department and leads his peers in collaboration. Russell is known for telling funny stories in class. He has a passion for and teaches Honors Geography and World Civilization. He takes teaching seriously and believes history and government can help students better understand themselves and the world around them.”

Emily McBride, Springville Junior High

“Emily is a vital part of our school success. She is a great teacher with a professional demeanor toward students. She can do difficult things and teaches in a fun manner. Emily utilizes current educational practices and assigns authentic, real-world tasks having students work in groups. She inspires confidence as she compliments students and encourages good study habits. Emily always puts students first and inspires students to do their best work.”

Khristen Massic, Advanced Learning Center

“Khristen is respected by the other teachers and has a great vision of where the school needs to be in the future. She sets a vision and mission for her engineering students, so they will have wonderful opportunities. Her students receive real-world experiences. Khristen is focused on student learning and always searching for the best for students.

Matt Cope, Landmark High

“Matt has integrity and the ability to serve students. He has changed the lives of many students and never gives up on a troubled student. Matt takes the time and makes the extra effort to ensure students understand and can demonstrate key core concepts. He is kind and caring and always giving of himself. Matt’s skills are instrumental in helping students make major life-changing decisions.”

Jethro Gillespie, Maple Mountain High

“Jethro is extremely positive and enthusiastic! He is well liked by students, parents, faculty, and staff. He has a high energy level and is dedicated to the social, emotional, and academic growth of all of our students. He is a wonderful teacher and symbolizes excellence in education. Jethro is a leader among teachers and well respected by everyone. He believes strongly in collaboration and is a leader in our Professional Learning Communities.  He has been spotlighted and published in several art magazines. Jethro’s professionalism, insight, leadership skills, and genuine concern for students is endless.”

Clint Peery, Payson High 

“Clint is a dynamic teacher that relates to students at a very personal level. His sports production classes streamed over 60 PHS events. He created an online magazine and outdoor video production class that is wildly popular. Clint is very willing to help out any program that needs assistance. He works with the at-risk student population on a regular basis and has a natural rapport with these students. He is adept at motivating all students to excel in areas where they have traditionally struggled. Clint demonstrates the ability to strengthen the overall school. He is a huge asset to our faculty and is an outstanding individual.”

Tempy Coffey, Salem Hills High

“Tempy is a fantastic math teacher at Salem Hills High. She is one of the most popular teachers at SHHS in a subject that most people don’t like. Ninety-six percent of her students said, ‘She helps me when I get confused.’ Tempy is so kind and cares about each of her students and wants each to succeed. She is the kind of teacher that teaches with her whole heart without expecting any recognition in return. She is honest and patient, and her positivity is infectious. Tempy is a shining star in the idea that we can change the world. She literally changes lives every day.”

Micah Bradshaw, Spanish Fork High

“Micah is professional and an All Star in the eyes of those she teaches. She takes on the most difficult students. Students love her because she makes learning enjoyable. Micah searches out and utilizes many resources in her class to increase learning for her students. She has a smile, caring attitude, desire to improve, and motivation to teach.”

Chris Frossard, Springville High

“Chris has a work ethic and desire to make a difference in young people’s lives. He keeps students fully engaged in the learning process. Chris sets high standards, and students know they can trust him. He gives them the confidence they need to succeed. He gives students additional support before and after school. Chris has a passion for teaching students and is a powerful influence not only in math, but in students’ lives.”

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.
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