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Strap Tank Brewing Company: Drought is Over and Good Food is Here

Aug 03, 2017 07:20AM
When you walk into the Strap Tank Brewing Company in Springville you feel like you’ve gone back in time into an old bike shop with huge exposed wood beams, big metal pillars, and an industrial feel. The name “Strap Tank” comes from a 1907 Harley Davidson that had the tank strapped to the bike with nickel-plated steel straps. The building was built to resemble an early Harley Davidson factory. It just looks industrial, aged and super cool. I totally loved it.

There is a bar that serves a variety of alcoholic beverages and the menu has beer on tap. Plus, they have a brewery on site, hence the name of the restaurant. I loved it because it felt edgy and cool enough for bikers passing through town but at the same time there were families with young children. It is a very welcoming atmosphere. They even have outdoor seating with misters.

Strap Tank has a variety of menu items including burgers and sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and classics. We ordered a variety of options from each menu category. Honestly, I loved everything that I tried. Plus, the food was presented beautifully. After years of watching the Food Channel, I’m a sucker for presentation and the plating was gorgeous.

Ok, now to the food. I was really surprised with my favorite, the steak salad. When I think of steak, I think of a big juicy steak with a baked potato. The idea of steak and salad just seems a little strange. However, this salad was glorious. From the fresh spring mix lettuce blend that was crisp and delightful to the blue cheese crumble to the vinaigrette dressing to the sweet little tomatoes to the fresh asparagus. Then you add in the unexpected steak. It was so tender and just melted in my mouth. Combine that with the light crisp crunch and you have a little bit of salad perfection.

Steak salad

Another favorite was the strap tank tacos. You can get them with cod, chicken or steak. They have a cabbage and pico de gallo with some pretty delicious cilantro lime sauce. The steak was tender and perfectly cooked was set off by the tart freshness of the condiments. It came with rice.

The burgers were a thing of beauty. We got a buffalo burger and an Islander burger. The buffalo burger had a rich flavor and tasted great with the sautéed onions. The Islander burger had a grilled pineapple that had just the right tangy sweetness combined with slices of shaved ham and a sweet sauce. The buns were light and fluffy and beyond anything a fast food place could ever hope to offer. It was one of the best hamburgers I’ve ever had.

Next, the pizza. They make a mean thin crust pizza. We got the Hawaiian and I loved it because it had whole rings of pineapple instead of the little tidbits I am used to on a pizza. The ham was great and there was lots of cheese, which makes it a winner for me.

Finally, fish and chips. It’s a classic and I love it. Growing up I didn’t like

Fish and chips

fish. I thought all fish tasted like the trout my brothers brought home from the lake. Nope. This is good stuff. The fish is beer battered and fried to a perfect crispy golden color. The crust was very light and and the fish was tender. It came with some delicious tartar sauce, fresh lemon wedges, and malt vinegar. I got the traditional fries which have a similar light crispy crust. It was a delicious combination and I was pleased with my choice.

The strap tank is unique because of its great old fashioned biker vibe. It has a great ambiance. Plus, they make delicious food. Most places have one or two signature items that you are safe ordering. At Strap Tank, everything was good. Finally, a great sit-down restaurant with a fun vibe and food to rave about!

Strap Tank is located at 1750 West 597 South, Springville Utah. Their hours are Monday to Thursday 11am to 11 pm. Friday and Saturday 11 am to 11 pm. Sunday 10 am to 9 pm with brunch served from 10 am to 3 pm.