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District opens new Nebo Peak Center

Sep 07, 2017 11:30AM
The Nebo Peak Center in Salem, Utah is nothing like the high school any of us have previously attended. It is ultra modern and high tech all the way. It is located on 13 acres in a renovated 162,000 square foot prefab metal building which was previously used as a warehouse. It houses the Advanced Learning Center (ALC) formerly in Springville, an athletic field house, warehouse, and maintenance building for Nebo School District. The facility was dedicated August 21.

The ALC covers 49,000 square feet and provides early college and career courses to high school students while they stay involved at their primary schools. The ALC offers many courses for college credit, career readiness, and industry certification. These courses include aviation, computer programming, and repair, digital media, audio engineering, video production, medical science, criminal justice, robotics, building construction, engineering, manufacturing and teacher education.

There is a fully equipped recording studio and the lobby and hallways are wide enough for the robotics races. The chairs in the classrooms have wheels and platforms under the seats for backpacks and everything else the students need to bring to class.

We were given a tour of the facility by Lana Hiskey, Communications and Community Relations Administrator for Nebo School District, who was beaming with pride.

The building also includes a 51,000 square foot central district warehouse for all the supplies that keep the school system running. Within the warehouse is a huge freezer for food purchased for student meals served every day throughout the district. Adjacent the warehouse is the 82,000 square foot fieldhouse which has indoor areas for softball, baseball, batting and pitching, soccer, football, golf, track and volleyball.

There are 33,000 students in the Nebo school district, and currently, there are 637 students registered at the ALC. This facility is available to all tenth through twelfth-grade students in the district. For more information, students should visit with their high school counselor or go to the ALC website at