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From saving souls to saving lives: The amazing story of Falco’s Children Village

Sep 07, 2017 09:00AM
By Norman Harrison

AMERICAN FORK - Progressive Power Solutions recently returned from installing 70 solar panels for an orphanage in Tanzania and wants to increase awareness of how solar power can provide safety and security all across the globe.

Before Jerry & Tammy Baccus could even get completely unpacked for their Tanzanian adventure of starting a Bible School, their fates were changed. On day two, they awoke to find a baby and a small toddler left on their front porch by an anonymous and desperate mother. They abandoned their plans of building a school and began building a home—which quickly turned into a small village—for orphaned children, now called Falco's Children Village.

Jerry said of that experience, “We knew these children deserved better. We wanted to give them a home of their own, clothing, healthy food, and clean drinking water.”

They quickly realized how expensive this endeavor would be. Fuel had to be purchased for $800/month, collected miles away, and carried in 5-gallon buckets to the facility. Willy Blocker of Lehi, UT was active in assisting Falco’s Children Village. He reached out to Progressive Power Solutions with a question, “What could solar do for an orphan village in Tanzania?”

Within a few months, that question was answered. Falco’s Children Village was an independent microgrid. 70 solar panels now provide 24/7 electricity (not even the 5-star hotels offer that), a protective fence, and 25,000 liters of pumped fresh water that serves the local town as well as the Children’s Village.

Returning from their second annual trip in July, Progressive Power Solutions co-owner Cecil Harrison said, “The experience at the Falco's Children village was life changing. It brings into focus how blessed we are and a whole new meaning to the scripture, ‘If you have done it unto one of the least of these.’ I will be forever affected for good by children that have so little.”

Thanks to the technology of solar, Falco’s will welcome six new children to their village this fall and be able to provide them with a quality of life they would have never known. Next summer, Progressive Power plans to return to Falco’s and install solar panels that will power a health clinic. The nearest healthcare is close to 160 miles away.

Progressive Power Solutions is Utah’s leading solar company. Based in American Fork, Utah, they have been providing off-grid and backup systems for the last 12 years.

To donate to Falco’s Children Village, visit To see what solar can do for you, contact Norman Harrison at 801-367-9536 or visit our website at