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Demolition Derby announcer given special recognition

Sep 12, 2017 11:50AM
The Demolition Derby at the County Fair in Spanish Fork took on special meaning on Saturday, August 19. Jim Louder, who has been the Demolition Derby announcer from the beginning in 2008, received special recognition.

During the winter, Jim was diagnosed with throat cancer. Even though the cancerous tonsils were removed the cancer spread. Jim was forced to decide to remove more of the cancer and lose his voice box, or go with chemotherapy and radiation.He chose his profession which is about entertainment, and defines who he is, so he chose to go with chemotherapy and radiation.

His brother, Justin Louder, arranged a special program to honor Jim at the derby.  According to Justin, Jim has always been one to help others.

At the beginning of the derby, singer Ryan Stream followed the flag into the arena on a trailer while playing a piano donated by The Piano Gallery. After Ryan sang the National Anthem, he called Jim Louder down from the announcer’s box. Ryan then sang a song he had rearranged to pay tribute to Jim and introduce the auction to help raise money for Jim’s treatments.

Justin Louder recognizes that sometimes a cancer patient needs something to keep them “pushing and moving and knowing we support and love them.”

Norm Robinson, head promoter of the Utah County Demolition Derby said they wanted to help Jim Louder out as much as they could. He said Jim has been with the Utah County Demolition Derby from the beginning. He has been the voice of the Demolition Derby throughout the state. He has a big, booming voice, and keeps the crowd engaged for the length of the derby with his announcing style, and funny antics.