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An ALC student project

Oct 05, 2017 09:54PM
SALEM -- The Nebo School District Advanced Learning Center, located at 161 East 400 North in Salem, provides learning opportunities limited only by your imagination. In August, the facility had a ribbon cutting dedication ceremony. In September, the facility had an open house for the general public.

This is a very visually and mentally stimulating facility. We are lucky to have the Advanced Learning Center in our south Utah County neighborhood.

When you enter the building you will find a glass display chamber to your left. For the open house, the display was the first project for the Engineering Design Class. It was an eye-catching and unique display.

The manikins were made out of what appeared to be wrinkled clear cellophane catch your attention as soon as you glance in the direction of the display. The bodies of manikins were made by the students. But this is not an art class, it is an engineering design class, the student challenge was to design an improved pack back.

Each shiny and cellophane looking manikin was wearing a backpack with notations as to the design improvements. The back wall of the display presented various design drawings of backpacks. The instructor for this class is Khristen Massic.

Before you get into the main hall of the school you are already impressed with the creativity that is unleashed in this new type of high school environment. Classes are offered that peak student interest to excel. College credit is available for many of the courses as well as high school graduation credit.

Courses offered include aviation, building construction, computer technology, criminal justice, digital media, engineering, health science and teacher education.

Interested high school students should contact their school counselor or visit the Advanced Learning Center.