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Mt. Loafer Elementary helps Hurricane Harvey victims

Oct 05, 2017 10:10PM
Mt. Loafer Elementary recently held a fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Harvey. The school designated an official "Helping Hands for Harvey Day" in which students and faculty dressed as a "Texan" and were asked to donate $1 to schools devastated by the hurricane.

Donations came flying in and by the next morning, Mt Loafer was able to send $1,567.13 to a school district in Texas.

Fourth graders at Mt. Loafer Elementary School have been learning about what it means to be a good citizen and what they can do to be a good citizen of the United States. After discussing how we should always be kind, helpful and involved in our community they came to the realization that we can reach beyond our community to be a good citizen.

With Hurricane Harvey being such a heartbreaking disaster, the students wanted to reach out and help fourth graders in Texas because many have lost all their school supplies and schools. After talking to school principal Mrs. Blackhurst, they decided that we can help more than just fourth graders. They came together as a school community to help.