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Nebo School District given Business of the Month honors

Oct 05, 2017 09:29PM
By Lauren Bush

Nebo School District was awarded “Business of the Month” by the Spanish Fork and Salem Chamber of Commerce in September.

“We are so thrilled that Spanish Fork and Salem Chamber has given us this honor, “ Lana Hiskey, Communications and Community Relations Administrator, said. “We want to be good partners, and we really do appreciate Spanish Fork City.”

As a part of this honor, the Chamber of Commerce cited Nebo’s work in empowering students for the future.

They engage students as active participants in school and in the community. They empower students to acquire and develop knowledge, skills, and talents. They collaborate to promote safety, student involvement and achievement. They prepare students to succeed in school and life.

Stacy Beck of Spanish Fork City Council congratulated Nebo School District for their service to the community.

“Not only are they great partners with the Chamber of Commerce but also with Spanish Fork City,” Beck said. “I think our relationship with the district and the city are crucial and other cities are envious of that because we work so well together.”

Nebo School District represents 42 schools and 33,000 students spreading from Springville in the North down to Goshen in the South. The local community makes a big difference in the District.

“We love our local businesses and are proud to be part of a great community,” Superintendent Rick Nielsen said.

Congratulations to Nebo School District!