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Be a Nebo Hero

By By Lauren Bush Nebo School District kicked off the school year with an opening message centered around being a hero. The theme for this year is “Be a Nebo Hero,” and each school is encouraging students and teachers to take initiative and be a little more heroic in their daily life.

This does not mean that everyone in the district needs to don a cape and fly around like Superman saving people from burning buildings. Being a hero is much more than being depicted in a superhero movie. There are everyday heroes all around us, and each of us can step to the plate to be the hero for someone else.

Surely there is someone that comes to mind who has personally been a hero to you. Maybe it is a teacher who helped, a coach who encouraged, or a family member who listened. Sometimes it is easier to recognize when someone else is being a hero than to see it in ourselves. But we can be heroes too!

Superintendent Rick Nielsen reinforced that heroes are extraordinary people being their best when it matters most. One of the primary components of being a hero is as simple as looking for ways to lend a helping hand. Assisting with homework, helping someone to solve a problem, or validating someone are all small, but powerful ways to help others. Look for ways, big and small, that you can help those around you.

Heroes step up and deliver excellence when it matters most. One way to be a hero for your peers is to give them your full attention when you are with them. Be interested in and listen intently to what they are telling you. Do not check your phone or text while someone is talking to you but give them attention to let them know they are valued.

It is easy to think that we are not making a difference in others’ lives. But part of being a hero is to live life optimistically. Seek opportunities to serve and take responsibility for your attitude and actions. If you make a mistake that’s okay! Take responsibility, make it better and then move forward looking for other ways to help. Sometimes it really is those small and simple things that make a world of difference.

Here at Nebo School District, we want to create a culture of heroes. If we all step up and try a little more every day to be a hero to someone, then more people will do the same. Let us all look for ways to help other people and to make their day a little better.

H - Heroes Help people with no strings attached E - Heroes create an Exceptional experience for the people they serve R - Heroes take Responsibility for their attitude, actions and results O - Heroes see life through the lens of Optimism