Grants Available to Springville residents and teachers from Arts Commission

r Performing and Visual Arts grants are available for Springville residents and teachers in the Springville schools who submit a project for approval to the Springville City Arts Commission. Genres can include, but are not limited to; dancing, vocal, instrumental, visual, dramatic and photographic. The Springville Arts Commission sponsors projects and events for the enlightenment, knowledge and pleasure of all. Springville City is dedicated to the arts and has been for many years and through this dedication has improved the quality of life for all of us. A great many groups and individuals have benefitted from this support which is given by Springville City Corporation to the Springville Arts Commission. The Springville Arts Commission can count on this help year after year to continue to improve and enlarge arts experiences for the citizens of Springville and Utah County.

The Springville Arts Commission (SAC) is an advisory committee to the Springville City Council. Some of the primary responsibilities of the commission include assisting the City in providing funding to local arts and humanities organizations and to increase awareness of and participation in the fine and performing arts by citizens of Springville. All grant applications are reviewed by the SAC and funding recommendations are then forwarded to the Springville City Council for approval. All grants are made on an “available funds” basis and new applications must be submitted for each block of funds as they become available. Springville Arts Commission’s support should be considered supplementary to the budgets of any arts/humanities organization. The SAC encourages organizations to seek funding sources in addition to the SAC showing a strong financial commitment by the applicant and others for their project. In fundraising, non-profit groups should be aware of federal tax rules.

GUIDELINES 1. Only complete applications will be accepted. 2. Please carefully read the CERTIFICATION section of the application prior to signing and submitting the grant application. In the event a grant is awarded, the information provided on the application will become a legally binding part of the contract between the applicant and Springville City. 3. If the grant funds are made available, the grantee shall give appropriate recognition to the City of Springville in promotion, publicity, program, and advertising materials. Recognition could be in the form of a statement such as: “This program is supported by a grant from the Arts Commission of the City of Springville”.rFor complete instructions and application form go to (please ignore the submission deadline):


Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.

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