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Springville Junior High raises close to $1,000

Dec 07, 2017 09:20AM
By Lauren Bush

In just seven days, Springville Junior High students raised $923.68 that they donated to the Light Up Puerto Rico campaign.

“When the hurricane went through I talked with one of our teachers, Mrs. Emily Edman who is from Puerto Rico, about the devastation there,” Principal Ryan McGuire explained. “We felt like this was a good cause to support this year.”

Their fundraiser, “Penny Wars,” was accomplished by students bringing in their spare change to school for a week. Each of the grades competed against each other to see who could bring in more money and on the last day of the fundraiser, an assembly was held where they announced the winner and presented the check to Light Up Puerto Rico.

“We are so grateful for this effort,” said Ms. Cari Lu Alvarado of Light Up Puerto Rico at the assembly. “More than 3 million people are without power. Little by little with donations like this one, I know that Puerto Rico will shine again.”

The money donated will go towards generators, lights, tents, lanterns, water filters, and anything else needed for the power and sustainability of Puerto Rico.

Ms. Edman said it was a wonderful experience to see her school contribute to her home country.

“It was so heartwarming to see the students I teach and the people I work with raise money for something so dear to me,” Ms. Edman said. “It is truly devastating to see my home in this state and I know this money will make a difference. I will never forget this.”