The Golightly Family Band Concert

r By Janice Helmick

The Golightly Family Band gave its second annual concert at the Angelus Theatre in Spanish Fork on January 20. My husband, Ed, and I had the opportunity to attend, and I found it enjoyable and revitalizing. I have been blessed with a love of music. I learned to play the violin, which I haven’t touched for years, and the piano. I played the piano until I moved out of my home into a much smaller place which has no place for the keyboard. Playing the record player doesn’t count, but it sure exposed me to many genres of music.

The Golightly Family Band specializes in music that resonates with people. The band consists of Guy Golightly and his children: Emily, who is the lead singer, plays the keyboard and guitar; Sam who sings, plays the guitar and the bass guitar, Jake who plays the guitar, and their 14-year-old brother who usually plays the drums. For this performance, the usual drummer was ill, so Allen Johnson filled in on the drums. Allen usually plays guitar with the group. Kimmel Lewis is responsible for the sound system.

The group got its start when Guy and Emily used to play for weddings. When the 14-year-old got his drums, they started playing as a band. They play rock music influenced by folk music, blues, and jazz.  At the beginning of the concert, Guy, Emily and Sam were onstage. One of the numbers they performed was “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” This is a piece of music that resonates with me.

The second set included Jake, who is a recently returned missionary. Sam and Jake moved around the stage to the beat of the music. It was obvious they really enjoy what they do.

For the last number of the evening, Sam changed places with Allen who picked up his guitar and joined the singers. It was amazing how versatile they all are. I am looking forward to their next concert.

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.

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