Total Citizen of the Year Award – Colt Sampson

r By Gordon Lowe

The Spanish Fork Salem Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to present the Total Citizen of the Year award to Colt Sampson. When I was asked to present this award, I investigated Colt’s past and discovered that we have a common connection through our association with the University of Utah – hear me out. Colt attended the UofU where he graduated in 2009 with a degree in Resort Management. Colt played football for the Utes while maintaining status on the Athletic Academic Honor Roll. He played in the 2009 Sugar Bowl game where the Utes upset fourth-ranked Alabama 31-17. I, on the other hand, am a proud parent of a UofU drop out. (She has since redeemed her “drop out” status by obtaining a Nursing degree elsewhere and she currently works as a Coordinating Care Nurse at the Cleveland Clinic, in Ohio.)

After graduating from the University of Utah, Colt attend SUU in Cedar City where he obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Colt is married to Patrice (aka CC) and together, they have impacted our community for good. Colt and CC are the parents of five children. Colt is the owner of State Farm Insurance in Salem. In 2014, Colt applied for and obtained a $25,000 grant from State Farm. Those funds were used to promote the Play Unplugged program – with an emphasis in building relationships between kids, parents and local businesses. The Chamber is still using residual funds from that grant to fund the annual fifth-grade “Walk for Life” which connects our local American Legion with students from 13 elementary schools across our communities.

Colt invented Corkys-Porkys: Barnyard Battle designed for kids, ages 5 to 99+. The purpose of the game is to bring friends and families together, improve math skills and interact in a non-electronic medium.

Our community was devastated at the tragic death of Colt’s and CC’s near three-year old son, Levi, in July 2017. In place of mourning the death of Levi, the Sampson’s celebrated his life by launching the Live for Levi foundation. In a matter of days, the Sampson’s raised more than $30,000 for Primary Children’s Hospital.

Christmas toys and cheer were graciously donated to area hospitals during the Christmas season in memory of Levi. Youth across many of our Utah County communities have pledged to “Do Good” by Living “Fearlessly” for Levi.

Colt and CC have shown us, through example, how heavy burdens and the loads of life can be lightened by looking beyond ourselves and serving those around us.

Congratulations Colt Sampson!

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.

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