Thursday, June 30, 2022

Sheriff James Tracy lists GOP Candidate Darin Durfey’s unequaled level of experience

r By Clark H. Carras

SANTAQUIN – With 27 years of law enforcement experience and 23 years of dedicated service with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, Darin Durfey is prepared to handle the challenges that come with providing public safety service to Utah County citizens. With the explosion of growth, budget challenges and the ever-increasing challenges of providing a professional level of service due to those factors; Durfey has officially launched his campaign for Utah County Sheriff.

Durfey announced his intentions of entering the campaign for Utah County, in what will be an open seat with Sheriff Tracy’s announcement of retirement after serving as Sheriff for the past 16 years. Sheriff James Tracy listed GOP Candidate Darin Durfey’s “Unequaled level of experience,” in giving an endorsement.

“I’m honored to have Sheriff Tracy’s endorsement,” Durfey said. “Having served with him for the past 23 years and more specifically in an executive leadership capacity during the past 15 years.” I have been able to observe his ability to handle the tremendous growth of Utah County; it’s something I believe has given me an insight into the issues the County and Sheriff’s Office will be facing in the coming years.”

As Chief Deputy of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Bureau for the past seven years, Durfey has been involved in crafting that bureau’s budgets. In the budget process, Durfey has been responsible for the preparation, proposal, justification, submission and administration of a bureau budget of 30 million dollars. He takes very seriously the burden and responsibility of making sure that those tax dollars are used wisely, while ensuring that constitutional mandates are met in the coordination delivery of public safety service in the Corrections Bureau. In the position, Durfey is responsible for oversight of four lieutenants, 17 sergeants, one medical services administrator, one kitchen manager, 154 sworn staff, 25 medical staff, 72 civilian staff, 100 volunteers and an average daily inmate population of 900+; and up to a maximum 1172 inmates.

Durfey has been instrumental in developing programs in the Utah County Jail to give those offenders willing to make adjustments in their lives, the tools they need to make effective changes. Prior to work in corrections, Durfey served Utah County in leadership positions within patrol, investigations and the internal affairs divisions.

He was director of the Utah County Sex Crimes Task Force for nearly four years and currently serves on the Fourth District Victim’s Rights Committee, Fourth District Court Round Table Committee and Fourth District Court Drug Court Committee.

“I’m not a politician, but that’s not to say I don’t understand politics or being political,” says Durfey. “I know all aspects of law enforcement and know one of those is the political side. With the county’s growth and reforms in criminal justice, I know I have the experience and am up to, and prepared for the challenges coming with the growth and change.”rDurfey is running with the motto of, “Experience that Matters.” He has lived and worked in Utah County for more than 33 years. That experience has him engaged in key issues affecting Utah County, including homelessness, the opioid epidemic, domestic violence awareness and current legislative changes. In total, Durfey has spent 15 years involved in preparing, submitting and overseeing division and bureau budgets for the department.r“I know the process involved in creating and maintaining a budget within county government,” Durfey said. “In continuing the mission of the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, especially as the county has grown and does grow; I know my years of experience in the process counts. I’ve dedicated my life to law enforcement.” Continued success will be achieved by building relationships and maintaining the collaboration and good working relationship with other agencies and community partners. Durfey’s desire is to continue to serve the citizens of Utah County as the next Utah County Sheriff.rDurfey makes his home in Santaquin with his wife Val.

For more information please go to or find him on Facebook at Darin Durfey for Utah County Sheriff.

Chris Baird
Chris Baird
Chris is a family man with a beautiful wife and four kids. Three Girls, One Boy. He enjoys playing basketball, being outdoors, and the old normal.
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